Author: nofish

  • Lingering Echoes

    Lingering Echoes

    A VR installation in which you build upon echoes from the past, shaping the future. Commissioned by TETEM.

  • Shadowtime


    An essay documentary in virtual reality by Sister Sylvester & Deniz Tortum.



    Directorial debut. A VR experience all about your hands.

  • The Lost Flowers Almanac

    The Lost Flowers Almanac

    Location based AR experience exploring the future, present and past of flora and fauna in the Netherlands.


    Online virtual museum in collaboration with the artist Bink.


    An online virtual museum where the architecture is ever changing, giving a new context to the art on display.

  • HKU virtual tour

    HKU virtual tour

    Get an interactive virtual reality tour through the buildings of HKU Theater.

  • Virtual Reality Puppets

    Virtual Reality Puppets

    An ongoing research project into creating and puppeteering characters in VR.

  • rLung


    Graduation project. A VR experience where you explore your surroundings with your breath.

  • Artheneum


    VR expo for Peter Riezebos in which your environment is unstably balanced on books.

  • Embodiment Research

    Embodiment Research

    Research into embodiment in VR, including but not limited to sharing your body with another person.

  • Old Projects

    Old Projects

    A collection of projects I did which are just fun to share.