rLung [Graduation Project]

A VR experience where you explore your surroundings with your breath.

rLung is the Tibetan word for both breath as for wind. There is a strong connection between ourselves and our environment. In this VR experience the normally invisible world of rLung is made visible for you to explore this connection by sensing your environment with your breath.

Recourses used:

Hardware:HTC Viveused as HMD
Leap Motionused for hand tracking
Lavalier microphonefor better breath detection
Legofor detachable sensor holder
Software:Unitygame engine
Visual Studiocoding
Blender3D modeling
Tiltbrushfor drawing the environment as a reference
Unity Assets:Leap Motionused for hand tracking functionality
LM Realistic Handsused for hand models
Oculus Integrationused for spatial sound