Category: VR

  • Lingering Echoes

    Lingering Echoes

    A VR installation in which you build upon echoes from the past, shaping the future. Commissioned by TETEM.

  • Shadowtime


    An essay documentary in virtual reality by Sister Sylvester & Deniz Tortum.



    Directorial debut. A VR experience all about your hands.


    Online virtual museum in collaboration with the artist Bink.


    An online virtual museum where the architecture is ever changing, giving a new context to the art on display.

  • HKU virtual tour

    HKU virtual tour

    Get an interactive virtual reality tour through the buildings of HKU Theater.

  • Virtual Reality Puppets

    Virtual Reality Puppets

    An ongoing research project into creating and puppeteering characters in VR.

  • rLung


    Graduation project. A VR experience where you explore your surroundings with your breath.

  • Artheneum


    VR expo for Peter Riezebos in which your environment is unstably balanced on books.

  • Embodiment Research

    Embodiment Research

    Research into embodiment in VR, including but not limited to sharing your body with another person.