Virtual Embodiment

With motion controllers and full-body motion capture it is possible to translate your physical movements to a virtual avatar. How this avatar looks like and behaves doesn’t have to be limited to the rules of the physical world.

I wanted to know how this would feel. How would it feel if you where multiple copies of yourself? Or if you shared the same body with somebody else? Or if you were a goat? Or how would it feel if you where an abstract entity? Or just a pair of eyes connected to a brain?

Resources used:

Hardware:HTC Vive (Pro)used as HMD’s
OptiTrack Motion Capture Systemused for full-body motion capture
Leap Motionused for hand tracking
Software:Unitygame engine
Visual Studiocoding
Blender3D modeling
Motivemotion capture software
OSC Bridgeused to send motion data to multiple computers
Unity Assets:SteamVRused for VR support
Final IKused to translate movements between different sizes of people and avatars
Resources:Mixamofor the avatars
Adobe Fusefor the avatars

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